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This site's goal is to inspire photographers of all skill levels to explore the wonders of close-up and macro photography. The author is an experienced medical photographer and photography educator. Subject headings include Photography Composition, Basic Photography, Macro Photography Equipment, Digital Photography Basics, Macro Photography Subjects, Photography Lighting, Photo Locations, and Macro Photography Careers. Pages are added on an ongoing basis.

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Oct 28, Forensic Photography
An overview of forensic photography, including what is expected of forensic photographers in the workplace

Oct 4, Photography Lighting
No light, no photograph! Understanding photography lighting is every bit as important as understanding our photography equipment; some say MORE important! Start the journey on this page.

Aug 13, spider

Jul 25, Daniela Rapava
diffraction on spider web

Jul 16, Jumping Spider With Iridescent Green
Found this little lady (? that's what my wife thinks due to small 'palps) on my car today. She was hard to photograph. The macro camera focused best I

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